Differential Strengths

Freedom of Choice. Multi-BrandMulti-SupplierMulti-ApplicationMulti-Interface

Freedom of choice is Advantis core, we promote non-captivity to a single supplier, offering greater power of choice and allowing adaptability to changes in the market.

Advantis value:



Open platform available with different chip suppliers, card suppliers and personalizers.


Advantis implements both Visa, MasterCard and Discover requirements for issuing EMV. It allows the issue of EMV cards with these international brands in combination with CPACE application for private brands on the same platform, which translates into a saving on operating and maintenance costs.


Allows to provide a single technology regardless of the financial application they will use and non-financial applications that add value to the card.


Advantis offers technology for contact and dual interface cards, wearables and mobile.


Safety is an absolute priority for Advantis, we offer 100% reliable solutions that certify the quality of our products. Our experience of more than 20 years endorses us.

Advantis is a totally integrated solution in the value chain: in the acquirer, in the processor and in the scheme.

Active Support

Our service is based on the unconditional support to the client throughout the value chain of the issuance process, adapting to the needs of the client and offering simplicity in the process.

We offer support to all parties involved in the issuance process: chip manufacturer, card manufacturer, customizer and financial institutions. We look after our customers throughout the implementation process from the initialization phase to the issuance phase to streamline and simplify the process and offer excellent customer service.

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