Advantis Tools

Advantis Tools

Simplicity and customer support are the reason for Advantis. Therefore, Advantis offers the customer new tools that allow manufacturers and personalizers to test easily the cards and test new products to provide an optimal service and make the process of technological implementation as simple and fast as possible.

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Easy PKI

Application used in Advantis products that supports digital signature and allows to manage digital certificates.

It also allows to change, verify and unlock passwords and reset the contents of the card.


It allows to review the data structure of the card, to visualize the content, to explore the applications and to look for labels in development and production environments using any PC / SC reader.


It allows to verify if the data entered in the card is correct, checking the applications, exploring the data structure and the definition of profiles.

Perso Builder

It facilitates personalization by allowing you to configure different scenarios and testing the results obtained.

Allows to read and execute files at the same time and it can be connected through PCSC readers.

Download Advantis tools in our Private Area

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