Main milestones


Issuing of stickers.

Advantis negotiates with financial institutions in Bolivia to issue stickers in the region.


1st certified CPACE card in Europe.

Our Advantis Contactless Trio CPACE product achieves the certification and homologation of Cartes Bancaires, the domestic scheme of France,  being the first company to certify a CPACE product in Europe.


Advantis is the first solution to implement CPACE.

Specifications built under the EMV CPA standard for issuing of contactless products. We offer the Trio product including 3 applications in the same chip: VISA, MasterCard and CPACE.


Integration of Advantis in Redsys.

Redsys acquired from Servired through company succession, the independent economic marketing unit of the Advantis System and the Pricenet, SIS and SAS family programs.


Spanish domestic schemes Merger.

Merger of the three Spanish domestic schemes: ServiRed, 4B and Euro 6000 with the creation of the company STMP.


Launch of first Advantis Wearables.

Advantis includes minitags in its portfolio of products to use in bracelets and key case.


Visa fusion.

Purchase of Visa Europe by Visa Inc.

First Advantis Private Card (CPA)

Advantis launched its first product with a private brand on the market, which offers many advantages and uses for different clients.


Excision and fusion.

Excision of SERMEPA which was the ServiRed’s processor and fusión with 4B’s processor (Redy) to create Redsys.

ServiRed would be responsible for commercial distribution of Advantis operating system and Redsys would be in charge of the development and evolution of the Advantis solution.


Launch of the first Advantis Duo card (Visa y MasterCard).

Advantis innovated in the market and offers a product that includes the application of Visa and MasterCard in the same chip, offering savings and improving the stock management of the customer.


First Contactless Card certified

Advantis has always been a pioneer in market changes, and it started to offer Dual interface products that allow faster and more secure payments.


Smart Card in Leon (Spain).

The Advantis operating system was available on the citizen card of Leon and allowed the identification of the citizen, payment of public transport and bike rental among other public services.

Advantis Card with Digital Signature Application certified by CNI Spain.

Advantis took another step forward in its commitment to improve security of its cards and launched a card which included digital signature approved by the CNI in Spain.


ServiRed changes its legal nature.

ServiRed transformed its legal nature from Civil Society to Public Limited Company and adapted to the rules of the European Single Payment Area (SEPA).


ServiRed creation.

Visa Spain became ServiRed and changed the representation structure in Visa International, with Spanish financial institutions represented by three different Member Groups: ServiRed, Sistema 4B and Euro 6000.

Digital Signature Application

Advantis expanded its portfolio of solutions and added products that incorporated the digital signature application that includes a stronger robust authentication and allows the management of digital certificates.

First card called Advantis and CEPS e-purse.

The old commercial name TIBC is renewed to make way for the new generation of Advantis products and a new purse application developed under the CEPS standard appears.


Transport Application for Smart Card of the Community of Madrid.

Advantis provided support to the Council of the Community of Madrid with its transport application and facilitated the payment of public transport for citizens.


First TIBC Card including E-Purse

In its beginnings Advantis began calling TIBC and appeared as electronic purse, a prepaid system for the payment of goods and services of low amount.


Visa Spain creation.

The autonomous institution Visa Spain is created with 56 member financial entities.

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