What is Advantis?

Advantis is an issuance solution.

Multi-application based on the international standards for chip EMV technology which enables the processing of a financial transactions, through different smart devices.

Freedom of choice

Advantis is an open multiplication platform available with different chip suppliers, cards y personalizers provides a greater possibility of choice and competitive offer

Focus on customer

We put our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do, we design solutions adapted to their needs and we provide support throughout the implementation process.


Our commitment is guarantee an excellent support and ensuring the safety of our products, our experience backs us up.

Flexibility and adaptation to changes in the environment

It can be configured with different profiles depending on the profile and needs of the organization. Flexibility to respond to any risk factor without the costs involved in the reissuance.


Simplicity is the differential way we have to focus on the customer, therefore, we offer Duo products that combine Visa, MasterCard and / or private brand financial applications with non-financial applications that add value to society.


With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, we are proud of being one of the companies that treasure a greater expertise in the world of means of payment.

Million of cards


ServiRed’s mission is to facilitate the transition from the use of cash to more efficient means of payment in ways that are beneficial both to our member banks and to society in general.


Contribute to improve safety, flexibility and usability of means of payment, working for a better future for society.

The payment vision is changing
and we change with it!

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