Added-value applications

Added-value applications


FIDO is the world’s largest interoperable authentication ecosystem formed by a global consortium of leading technology companies, based on standards that improve security by including a double authentication system for the owner.


  • Double authentication factor: “Something you have”.
  • Simplicity: same card to pay and authenticate.
  • Same authentication mechanism in different services.
  • Reduces the dependency on complex passwords.
  • Avoid credentials theft.
  • Interoperable, it provides universal specifications.

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FIDO User Experience

To download the demo application with which these videos were made, visit the Tools section of the Private Area.


Only bank transfer


It includes register form+ bank transfer

Digital Signature

The digital signature application allows citizens and Public Administrations to carry out electronic transactions (telematic presentation of documents, work life consulting, fines management …) with maximum security guarantees and allows to make digital certificates.

The cryptography card is also an electronic and physical identification document and it can be used as control access element, allowing secure mail applications and unique authentication services.


  • Greater security.
  • Physical and logical identification.
  • Incorporate digital certificate.
  • Documents signature.


Application used for access and use of the transport network where speed and simplicity are key factors.

The transport application allows open configuration that allows with countless possibilities and full integration to be used in any means of transport. Our transport application can be designed with different rates depending on the user profile, charging zones (urban / interurban), offering a variety of tickets and vouchers and allowing a total integration with the transport network.


  • Quick, reliable and convenience.
  • Allows access control.
  • Short transaction time.

Advantis Contactless Transport products include the Mifare® transport application, which is the most commonly known contactless smart card technology and established in the sector.


E-Purse is one of the most efficient multipurpose micro-payment systems. It is a rechargeable prepaid application based on the storage of money or points.


  • Avoid congestion at payment points.
  • Security and control of expenses.
  • Problems of change and lack of coins are eliminated.

E-Purse was invented by Advantis in the 90´s and since then it has been extended throughout the payment sector.


Advantis allows the development of loyalty programs, to offer bonuses and special offers to customers.


  • It can be used as an access control.
  • Provides added value to customers.
  • Improve customer experience.

Our loyalty application is adaptable to the needs of the client and allows to have an information system about the behavior of the users.

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