CPACE (CPA Contactless Extension) is a set of specifications built under the EMV CPA standard for contact transactions, adding the specifications for
contactless and mobile payments.

The CPACE specifications have been created by European Card Payments Cooperation (ECPC), a consortium of domestic schemes and payment associations that aims to create a single European market for card payments.

CPACE is intended for payments with Dual Interface cards (contact and contactless), wearables and mobile

Advantis is the first solution to implement CPACE for issuing multi-AID products.

What do we contribute?

We provide the rails to make the transition from private products based on contact technology, to contactless and digital products, participating in the entire value chain and offering a complete service to implement a national scheme or a private brand.


CPACE was born as a response to issue EMV products independent from and without the link to international card brands. The main features are:

  • Independence: CPACE is an open specification that allows private product issuers to use the EMV standard without being linked to an international brand.
  • Security: Provides all EMV security infrastructure.
  • Multi-application: In Advantis products, CPACE coexists on the same chip with other payment applications and can be configured to activate the correct application depending on the acceptance territory.
  • Omnichannel: The same CPACE specifications are applicable to cards, wearables and mobile.
  • Branding: Improves the brand image and improves the customer experience.

We collaborate with the main European schemes in the deployment of this technology.
Learn how the payment works in the following video

To request manuals of CPACE send an email to the following address: