Use cases

Freedom of choice. Civil servant cardColective cardBusiness cardHealth cardUniversity cardTourist cardLoyalty cardCitizen card

Multi-application smart cards encourage the use of electronic payment methods and offer greater security. In addition, they offer speed and ease of use, allowing to obtain information about the behavior of users. Advantis is a multi-application solution that can be adapted to countless projects that create customer value by designing different smart cards:

Smart Cards

Civil servant card, Colective card, Business cards

They are identification cards that allow access control and add a secure element for the identification of the citizen.

Tourist card

Prepaid card intended for tourists can enjoy of transport and leisure services.

Health card

It allows the identification and collection of patient data: allergies, incompatibilities, blood group, medical history.

Loyalty card

Card that offers customer loyalty programs and special advantages and promotions to enhance the brand image and the relationship with the customer.

University card

Smart card aimed at students that provides ease of use and security offering a single card to perform multiple services related to the academic field. Our card provides a multitude of applications:

  • Identification, attendance control and access to grades.
  • Access libraries, gyms, laboratories, computers, parking.
  • Payment of printing services, lunch, library, transportation.
  • Digital signature of certificates.

Citizen card

Smart card that can be adapted to the needs of citizens providing public services, transportation or other value-added applications that improve the quality of life of the population.

  • Identification and payment of sport facilites.
  • Access to libraries and historical centre.
  • Parking payment.
  • Bike rentals.

Success case: Citizen card in Leon (Spain)

The Leon citizen card included an electronic wallet, a transportation application that allowed citizens to use public transport easily and an identification application that offered municipal services to citizens. We participate in the definition of the specifications of the card, together with the issuing bank, city council and transport consortium and provided support and consultancy to the different players.

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