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Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento S.L, is the leading payment processor in Spain. With more of 35 years of experience in the sector, covering the 360º of payment systems. Currently, It has several projects both at European level and in Latin America, expanding its geographic position in the market and expanding the international presence. RedSys, generates more value for financial institutions, more sales for merchants and more security for card users.

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New Advantis Contactless Visa Cash certification

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Billion of cards


A product for every need

Advantis Online

Family of SDA products which avoid off-line transactions without encryption, providing high level of security against fraud.

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Advantis Crypto

Advantis Crypto adds a greater authentication and it accepts the incorporation of PKI applications used for digital certification.

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Advantis Private

Incorporates the CPA application defined by EMVCo for using as a private label, with personalization based on the CPS standard.

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Advantis Mobile

Converts a mobile phone into a payment device, allowing the storage and transmission of data in a secure way through tokenization.

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Advantis Contactless

Through contactless interface provides a high level of service in environments where speed and security are key factors.

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Advantis Wearables

Allows the customer to pay with a sticker, a key case or a bracelet, without the need to have a physical card.

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Advantis Worldwide

With more of 1 billion of issuing cards with this technology, Advantis is leader in the sector.

Strong presence in America and Europe. Being leaders in Latin America working with the main worldwide suppliers.

Next events

Advantis está presente en los principales eventos mundiales del sector de medios de pago.

The new Advantis Contactless Trio          includes the FOIL antenna and the updated version of the CPACE payment application

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