Advantis Wearables

Advantis Wearables

This family of products is focus on issuing of different payment devices allowing the customer to pay with a sticker, a key case or a bracelet, without the need to have a physical card.

Advantis Wearables offers innovation, security and convenience, our portfolio of products consists of minitags and stickers.

Why Advantis Wearables?

  • Innovation.
  • Usability: different available formats: bracelet, watch, key case, stickers …
  • Convenience: allows you to pay without having a card or mobile.
  • Speed and ease of use

Issuance of Wearables in Bolivia

Project carried out together with the Banco Economico for the issuance of wearables in Bolivia. The bracelet is a smart way to pay without contact, it works with NFC technology and the payment is made by simply bringing the bracelet close to the terminal (POS).

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