Advantis Private

Advantis Private

Advantis Private allows the issuance of an EMV product under a private brand, thanks to its application CPA (Common Payment Application) defined by EMVCo, also facilitates personalization by incorporating the CPS personalization standard.

Why Advantis Private?

Advantis Private allows to banks, retailers and domestic scheme to issue their own financial card under the EMV standard.

  • Security: Advantis Private provides all the EMV chip security needed for private or domestic brand cards.
  • Savings: it offers independence, because it avoids the need to issue a financial card with an international brand..
  • Flexibility: Advantis Private has capacity to adapt to different customer needs, providing a range of functionalities through different updated profile parametrization.
  • Simplicity: Incorporating the personalization based on CPS standard.
  • Loyalty: Advantis Private allows enhancement of brand image and creation of extended client relationships through loyalty programmes.

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